Quality support for demanding companies

Why ACL?


Our facilities and machinery are adjusted to the highest security standards in the Air cargo and logistics sector. A professional team with wide experience along years assures that the management, storage and handling of goods meets all safety requirements.​


We know how to manage every situation, We are aware that every business work under different criteria, finds itself under different conditions, has specific requirements, and is aimed to changes in the sector and any other exceptionality.


We work with a wide knowledge in the sector and we aim to offer services that will ensure the highest quality outcomes possible.


In ACL Handling we provide services to a wide range of companies from different groups and sectors, all of them related to air good transports. Airlines, consignors, consignees, integrators, customs agents, private companies…

As a reference, we have in our client portfolio companies like KOREAN AIR CARGO, AIRBRIDGE CARGO, AIR CHINA CARGO, QATAR AIRWAYS, UPS or INDITEX.