Cargo and post handling

We offer Cargo and Post assistance in land through a group of services that cover administrative operative and management activities.

  • Services of representation and connection with the corresponding authorities.
  • Acceptance, manipulation storage maintenance and administration of air cargo units of the airlines we assist.
  • Physical manipulation of goods, paperwork, customs formalities and all measures agreed or required for exportation, importation, Cargo and post issues.
  • Implementation of all security controls required by current regulations to guarantee the highest levels of security on the goods managed.

Airport Logistic

We have a wide offer of additional services needed for the organisation and management of cargo handling, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Labelling
  • Repacked
  • Construction or reconstruction of Cargo units
  • Management of empty ULDs
  • Supply elements of sealing and stowage
  • Transfer of goods between warehouses and within the airport perimeter
  • Storages
  • Airport paperwork
  • Goods security (available the X ray inspection, ETD,EDD, visual and manual inspections)
    ETD = Explosive detection dogs
    EDD = Explosive trace detection
  • Assistance of “Special” goods
  • Documentary and electronic messaging service.

Flights Supervision

Main activities that involve the supervision and control of flights:

  • Inspection of security applicable in requested land by the airline ( aircraft, goods, access etc)
  • The control of Cargo operations messaging and telecoms services
  • Any other supervision and management service before, during or after the flight previous to the requirement of the airline.